Bad Soldier Adventure

New adventures courtesy of the lovely new toys my friend Crystal gave me for my secret santa gift! Thanks, Crystal! :oD

This is Bad Soldier. He's actually a GI Joe that came with the cool tank, but let's just say he's not an American Hero Soldier Guy and whatnot, and that he's evil. He's hunting for Smart Soldier. Ha, good luck, buddy.

Scanning the battlefield... lookin through his cool tank rocket scope-a-majiggy...

Hmmmmm... where could that Smart Soldier be?...

He's prolly still at home... chillin'... yeah, that must be it...

Hey wassup buddy! :oD

EEEEEEP!!-- I mean.... ARRRRRGH!

Well I guess that was that... and Smart Soldier continues roaming.. defending the land... um... apartment.

Actually... hm, nice car. Might come in handy. Thanks, dood.

~ Fin ~

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