The warrior of the 21st century...


(A summer '03 adventure.)

I went to the dollar store with my buddies Ian and Andy. Ian spotted this little fellow so I had to buy him. I nabbed the last one they had. This guy must be a popular one that sells like hotcakes-- hotcakes that sell like popular toys.

Jolly little fellow isn't he? All ready to go into war and defend our country... especially with his... PISTOL AND BIGASS ARMY COMBAT KNIFE THAT'S HALF THE SIZE OF HIS BODY!!! YEAH!!!

But a soldier like that needs a little more if he wants to shoot up some Taliban on the run or Saddam's crazy loyalist dudes. He wouldn't be "smart" without his... BIGASS ARMY ASSUALT RIFLE!!! BOOYAH!!! He's got a backpack and binoculars too! All for a dollar!

You go get em, Smart Soldier!

Smart Soldier in action!

Smart Soldier holding down the fort!

Ya know Smart Soldier isn't all just about kill kill kill! Here he is being peaceful and chillin' wit the natives! :oD

OH NO!!! :oO You might notice the previous picture with the Q-Tip, Smart Soldier and the native switched positions. That's because I had to put the Q-Tip in the other hand... because SMART SOLDIER WAS WOUNDED when he tried to grab the Q-Tip. His weapons-holding-stub (a common "sixth finger" among Smart Soldiers) snapped off :o(. It's okay though, because he's a brave little fella and survived his prosthetic weapons-holding-stub surgery.

Smart Soldier takin' a ride with the big boyz...

"Umm... y-yeeeah!!Wooohoooo!!...."

"It's alrite, guys! I got yo back!"

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"yeah he's a jolly little fellow... I love the interaction with hello kitty... I love smart soldier... he's so cute!"
Patty Ou 5/19/05
"I'm glad that our country is being protected by kickass individuals such as Smart Soldier. He is a true American hero."
Ca 7/24/05

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